Nobunagun cover

Nobunagun (ノブナガン Nobunagan?) is an action supernatural manga series by Masato Hisa that began serialization in 2011. An anime adaptation was aired in 2014.


Thanks to technology, there are people in the world known as E-Gene Holder agents who work for the government organization DOGOO. These agents wield weapons infused with the spirits of great historical figures like Gandhi and Newton. Shio Ogura is a high school student visiting Taiwan on school trip where she suddenly has a chance encounter with these mysterious agents.

When she and her classmates are caught in a surprise attack by monsters called "Evolved Invaders," the E-Gene Holder agents appear to fight since the military cannot seem to do any damage to the monsters. When Shio's friend is endangered, the young girl awakens the ability to wield a weapon like the agents — the great Japanese warlord Oda Nobunaga as a giant machine gun.

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