Francois Vidocq
Vidocq AU Weapon 2
Name Francois Vidocq
Kanji フランソワ・ヴィドック
Romanji Furansowa vu~idokku
Gender Male
  • Human
  • E-Gene Holder
Professional Status
Affiliation DOGOO
Occupation E-Gene Holder, Strategist
Partner Galileo, John Hunter
Status Active
E-Gene Eugene Francois Vidocq
Date 1817
Weapon Easy Chair
Voice Actor
Japanese Voice Akira Ishida
English Voice Josh Grelle
First Appearance
Anime Episode 5
Francois Vidocq or simply know as Vidocq is an E-Gene Holder affiliated with DOGOO and he acts as the leader in the missions he is assigned to. His platoon is conformed by John Hunter and Galileo.


Vidocq Concept Design

Vidocq concept design

Vidocq is a young man with blond hair, ivory skin and blue eyes. He is always seen using his platoon uniform that consist of a gray marine-type uniform with a red tie and white shoes.

Personality Edit

He is a calm person with a ruthless attitude that may look cruel at times. He has nerve of steel as he can think when times are tough. He makes decisions efficiently; he pushes his emotions aside, and so his decisions are not overly affected by them. Still, he takes pride in his plans and in being the brains of operation.

Vidocq's evil smile

Vidocq smiling as he is setting up the strategy

Vidocq as the brains of the group is the one that makes the plans to fight the Evolutionary Invasion Objetcts. During these missions he makes sure that he can get as most information as possible about the Invasion Objects and the way they evolve and act. He also doesn't take part in the action as his powers focus more on the research part to formulate plans. He does also seems to enjoy when a plan comes out well and everything goes according to what he has in mind.

Vidocq, for the sake of acquiring data he will go to any means he sees fit to complete a mission, even take emotionless actions as to force a teammate to withstand pain and almost dying for it.

Skills and abilities Edit

Vidocq AU Weapon

Easy Chair

Vidocq, being an E-gene holder, is capable of channeling the famous father of modern criminology Francois Vidocq through an AU ball and in doing so, he is able to use an E-gene weapon (a tool in his case since he doesn't actually fight with it) resembling the personality/abilities of the criminalist, in Vidocq's case, he is able to a summon an Easy Chair.

True to his strategist nature, his chair is able to organise input data and extrapolate every possible scenario. It is due to this that Vidocq could hypothesises that there was an undersea tunnel that has helped the Invasion Objects cross oceans unhindered.