Asao Kaoru
Asao smiling
Gender Female
Professional Status
Occupation Student, nurse
Voice Actor
Japanese Voice Shiori Mutō
English Voice Mikaela Krantz
First Appearance
Anime Oda Nobunaga
Even if the whole world is talking about you behind your back... there will always be one person who believes in everything you do.

—Asao to Shio, episode 2



Asao design

Asao is a normal size japanese girl with fair skin and long dark green hair. She is always seen using her school's uniform.


She is considered popular by Shio Ogura, and is seen with her group of friends, exploring and taking pictures during their school trip. She seems like a nice person since upon seeing that Shio Ogura is alone, she asks her friends, if they should invite her to go sightseeing with them. She doesnt care what other people think or say, and is very friendly.


Shio Ogura Edit

"If anything happens to Asao, not even I know what I'll do" Shio to Mahesh about Asao.

Asao asks Shio, if she wants to join her and her friends, with their sightseeing, but Shio refuses. When Asao's friends call for her to go with them, Shio mentions, that it would be bad if people saw a popular girl like Asao hanging with an outcast like herself. Asao then, surprises Shio by taking a picture of the two of them together, and as she walks away, says that they should exchange contact info.

During the attack, Asao is left behind by her friends, since they thought she had already ran away. She wasnt answering her phone, but it turned out she had fallen unconscious. Shio orders Jack the Ripper to protect Asao, while she will fight off the monsters, and she is able to, with the help of Jess and Mahesh.

After some time, Shio pays Asao a visit at the hospital. She asks if she is okay, and Asao informs her that if everything goes well, she'll be able to go home very soon. Asao thanks her for saving her, and Shio blushes. Shio then asks her, why did she invite her to join her and her friends, to which Asao replies by saying she admired Shio for being someone that didnt conform to everybody else.

Shio then, is able to confine in her, that she is scared by suddenly being pulled into a situation, where she has to become someone completely different, and with so many people having expectations from her.

Asao, however, encourages telling her "Even if you cant take it anymore. Even if you throw it all away and run. Even if the whole world is talking behind your back.. There will always be one person, who believes in everything you do"

Shio doubts herself again, saying she wasnt able to protect Asao, but Asao says she owes her life to her.. But then takes it bak, correcting it, by saying they are friends. Shio is deeply moved by these words.

As Shio leaves the hospital she receives the photo they took together, meaning they exchanged emails and will probably stay in touch.